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A note from Craig Townsend
(Dip. Clin. Hyp.)

Scientists study it.
Doctors recommend it. 
Successful people use it, and Ancient teachings confirm it...

The freeway to health, success, spiritual growth and inner peace is through meditation.

So why doesn't everybody meditate?

Because few can meditate at the depth required to truly access its vast treasures.

This was the stumbling block even since ancient times - when only shaman, healers and sages were the chosen few who mastered these rare levels of deep meditation.

And until recently, not much had changed - with only a tiny percentage of the population successfully able to access deep-level meditation.

The eternal struggle is finally over.

Through 2 decades of vast studies and experimentation combining both ancient and modern forms of meditation, a breakthrough method was developed - which never fails to transport the mind into the most powerful, ultra-deep meditation states - every single time.

This makes the current generation the very first ever to freely access - and truly experience for the first time - these rare ultra-deep mental states, as many people around the globe can now testify. It often provides them their first real glimpse into what is truly possible in their lives.

The Full List of Meditation & Self-Help Methods Experimented With...

  • guided meditations
  • high technology light and sound machine meditation
  • transcendental meditation
  • Buddhist meditation
  • mantra meditation
  • Insight meditation
  • Zen meditation
  • mantra meditation
  • contemplation meditation
  • concentration meditation
  • progressive muscle relaxation meditation
  • mindfulness meditation
  • deep breathing meditation
  • emptying and observing the mind meditations
  • theta and delta tape meditation
  • alternative therapies
  • hypnosis techniques
  • visualization
  • affirmations / mantras
  • mind power methods
  • Buteyko breathing
  • Zen and other Eastern philosophies
  • mind/body medicine
  • spiritual development
  • subliminal tapes
  • NLP
  • the Silva Method
  • counseling
  • aura therapy
  • sleep tapes
  • color therapy
  • float tanks
  • mirror work
  • mind development and motivation
  • regression therapy
  • mind power techniques
  • auto and hetero-suggestion
  • deep relaxation
  • Buddhism
  • positive thinking
  • rebirthing
  • astral projection
  • spiritual healing
  • clairvoyant techniques

My name is Craig Townsend, and my intensive research of self-help and meditation techniques spanned 2 decades, and even led me to become a clinical hypnotherapist along the way.

After twenty years of experimentation and thousands of dollars spent, I finally discovered that combining particular forms of meditation into the one method transports the mind into the most powerful meditation states I had ever experienced.

I began accessing the meditation levels of the master meditators - every single time, and life was never the same again.

Little did I realize my journey would lead me from a life of stress 20 years ago - including health issues, and recurring money and relationship problems - to now being in complete control of my own life, and along the way, creating a powerful meditation tool used around the world.

Not only did I attain my own personal goals, but I now have the privilege of providing meditation advice to thousands of people from all over the globe, where I now assist them with their own journeys and challenges.

The Strange and Experimental Years
Of Personal Development

I first began my search for personal development, personal growth, spiritual awakening....whatever you might choose to call it - twenty years ago.

My life was not functioning well, and I knew I would never get any level of control over my life unless I strengthened myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In desperation I began by researching a massive number of self help methods - spending many thousands of dollars attending seminars, doing courses, purchasing books, tapes, CDs, consultations - thoroughly scanning virtually every method on the planet.

Over the years ahead, I became the classic 'self-help junkie' - spending virtually everything I had, attending all the seminars from the latest self-help gurus, their courses, books, tapes, consultations..... you name it, I tried it - virtually any therapy I could find.

I even recall times times when I listened to self-help tapes all day long - and then all night, as well! I also visualized for hours, recited countless affirmations, and the list went on - which surprisingly, is also a very familiar story many of our readers.

But after a few years none of these different methods had brought any major benefits - until one night I had that "a-ha" moment and it finally dawned on me.

I realized that all these methods had been telling me the same thing! The one common thread which ran through all the methods was that it was truly essential to meditate.

From that point onward, every form of meditation became my focus (or maybe obsession is a better word!).

I purchased hundreds of different meditation tapes, experimenting with various Theta and Delta meditations (the ultra-powerful meditation states which deliver the greatest mental, physical and spiritual benefits), trance states, hypnosis, light and sound technology, countless meditation classes, etc etc.

I quickly discovered that the lighter levels of meditation gave me the nice "warm and fuzzy feelings", but little else - and I soon realized that only advanced levels of meditation would bring the transformational life changes I was truly seeking.

But to my enormous frustration, no matter how many meditations I tried, none truly delivered the advanced depth of meditation I was seeking, for more than a few minutes at a time. (I was later to discover that this was actually a very common occurrence - because everyone else was having the very same experience).

A little disturbingly, several even introduced hypnotic "marketing spiels" during the actual meditation which felt uncomfortably like "brainwash marketing".

Disheartened, I finally decided that I needed to forget all these methods - and pool all my own years of research, to create the perfect meditation method for myself.

I began systematically compiling all the various components of meditation I had tried over the years which had truly worked - and discarding all those that did not.

I then blended these components into many different combinations before testing each meditation - a bit like putting a truckload of various ingredients into hundreds of huge boiling pots, and then testing to see how each one turned out.

Years of trial and error eventually led to the meditation experience becoming progressively more powerful, until I reached a point where I studied for a diploma in hypnotherapy to further increase my knowledge of relaxation states, to find any 'missing links' I may have overlooked.

I used bio-feedback software to test the depth and quality of my meditations, which gave fairly precise readings on the depth of relaxation I was achieving - and the results just kept improving.

It had taken an enormous chunk of my life, but I had finally created an enormously powerful meditation experience - and I was extremely close to achieving my goal of automatic meditation - a meditation that would effortlessly take me to the deepest levels.

But there were still a couple of pieces to the puzzle missing.... until the day I achieved the final breakthrough. After almost 2 decades of experiments and frustration - my research finally paid off.

The Final Breakthrough

By this stage I had been running my own hypnotherapy practice for several years, which further developed my studies of relaxation, meditation and hypnotic trance states.

Surprisingly, the final breakthrough on my personal quest came when I was speaking at a major hospital to cancer patients, on the subject of meditation and healing.

Afterwards several patients, who were in remission from cancer, shared their own personal meditation experiences with me.

These people had only taken up meditation after they'd been diagnosed with cancer - and most believed it was one of the major reasons why they were now successfully controlling the disease, alongside with their treatment.

I instinctively knew their observations would be enormously powerful because these people meditated for truly serious reasons - their own survival.

Combining just one or two of their methods bridged the gap I was looking for, and created a quantum leap in the depth of my meditations - the most powerful meditation I'd ever experienced.

This took me to new levels of relaxation I did not even know existed.

It was a major turning point, because continued experiments over the following 5 years were unable to improve the quality of the meditation any further.

How Deep Meditation Changed My Life

Using the deep meditation regularly, I experienced fairly major shifts in my life in many different ways.

The progressive changes over the following months were fascinating and unmistakable, and friends and family began noticing fairly visible changes and improvements to my life - though I chose not to tell them why, at the time.

During this time I could almost feel new facets of my personality revealing themselves as many layers of built-up stress began peeling away.

But for me, probably my own moment of personal achievement was when I finally overcame 15 years of asthma symptoms and breathing problems.

As this process went on, I began to sense other subtle changes occurring. A sense of optimism grew and continued to develop - this rather strange feeling of knowing in advance that everything was going to turn out fine - which more and more over the months ahead, it did.

Though everyone receives their own completely unique set of experiences from the meditation, this is quite a common one that many people do all seem to experience.

Aspects of my life were simply starting to 'flow' better, and I was no longer needing to force things to happen because life seemed to be cruising along more easily than ever before.

New creative ideas and opportunities began to open up and flow for me - which many people from the business and artistic worlds have also experienced - and these began to take me in new and exciting business directions that took me to various places around the world.

It's difficult to beat the infinite wisdom and guidance of gut instinct once you become deeply in touch with it - and it was an invaluable business ability to suddenly have at my disposal.

I once read that a study showed that this particular 'instinctive' method of decision-making was one of the major differences separating the top Fortune 500 companies from the next 500 at management level.

Meditation works simultaneously at multiple levels of our being - and people look for different things from their meditations. Luckily the massive versatility of deep meditation makes its range of applications absolutely enormous.

To gain a clearer picture of why people were using deep meditation, some time ago we surveyed people to find out the primary reasons for using it.

The range of different responses was absolutely enormous, but the top 12 reasons are compiled below:

Survey: Top 12 Reasons People Use Deep Meditation

1. Dramatic Stress and Anxiety Improvement
2. Overcoming Life Limitations
3. Enormously Boosting Health Levels
4. Increasing Money and Prosperity
5. Enhancing Creativity, Clarity and Ideas
6. Improving Mental Skills, Memory
7. Releasing Past Emotional Trauma
8. Deepening Relationships
9. Boosting Energy / Overcoming Fatigue
10. Overcoming Depression
11. Deepening Spiritual Awareness
12. Conquering Anger Problems

But this is only a small cross-section of ways that meditation can be used. And as everyone's personal journey is different, meditation delivers each person their own totally unique set of benefits.

As you'd expect, there's a wide range of reasons for using deep meditation, which demonstrates just how versatile the technique truly is.

Unexpected Meditation Benefits

Meditation impacts our lives usually through slow but steady changes rather than through one major life-changing event, and most often, you don't notice the changes occurring until you finally look back and realize just how far you've actually come - and the negative aspects which had simply dissolved.

Meditation brought many unexpected benefits which I often did not even attribute to the meditation until many months later, and I got quite a surprise at some of the improvements which took place after I'd looked back.

Once deep meditation truly 'kicks in' it begins to clear out the mental baggage we've been hauling around for years, and we make peace with ourselves at the deepest level. When this happens, various aspects of our life begin to fall into place and integrate with each other, and create major improvements in areas which had not been functioning properly.

For some people, a level of emotional upheaval can sometimes occur from deep meditation after a few weeks, as the healing process clears out the old limiting patterns - and the symptoms can vary from feeling a little 'down' to become quite teary.

This does not occur for everyone, however when it does it can be reasonably uncomfortable until it clears away. It's helpful to know this is simply a positive part of the healing process which you are moving through, in order to achieve a new life without all the baggage.

I encourage people not to hesitate to email me if they ever have any questions in this area. Some people experience it, and some don't - it seems that, like everything else with meditation, everyone has their own totally personal experience in this regard.

Although the various benefits and their time period are totally unique for everyone, for me it was around the 3-4 month period when I noticed a steady chain reaction beginning to unfold, especially in the areas of my health and also career.

But another area that many people seem to notice in regard to deep meditation is greater emotional control and stability.

Meditation stabilizes emotions to the point where you begin to wonder whatever happened to the times when you used to feel angry or frustrated about things - and this gives you a nice feeling that you are gaining a stronger level of control over your life.

Someone asked how using deep meditation at home would compare to attending a regular 10 week group meditation course, and the only answer I could give them was that they could not really be compared - they were very different experiences.

While this answer did not satisfy them very much, I would never put anyone off the idea of group meditation if that is what they are looking for - as it suits some people .

For me it always came down to personal preference, as I have always found meditation to be a rather personal experience - and so aspects such as the quality and depth of the meditation were very personally important to me.

The convenience factor of being able to meditate powerfully at home was another - but everyone is different and the key is that everyone must find what works best personally for themselves.

Occasionally I found it a little difficult to fit the full 38 minute meditation into my day, so I created a shorter version to use on my extra-busy days (the Quick Deep 21 Minute Meditation), and I found this was sufficient to maintain the powerful effects of the regular deep meditation.

As meditation is well-known to have powerful accumulative effects when used on a regular basis, using the short meditation on the busy days maintained the flow of relaxation during extra-long work days. (NB. A new Quick Deep 14 Minute Meditation has now also been added as well)

The Decision to Release the Meditation
To the Public

As many people witnessed the benefits of the deep meditation, I was often asked if it was available to purchase - but for 5 years I was not willing to make it available to the public (and I received my fair share of criticism for this).

My only defense is that, at the time, the meditation was created purely for my own personal development, and never for the purpose of being sold - such as the other programs I specifically created for commercial use.

Somehow this meditation was more personal to me and I was not ready to share the experience, for whatever reason.

To be honest, I had been somewhat nervous at the time at the idea of putting something this powerful out on the market. But finally, I decided to trial a limited number of people on the meditation, to monitor their meditation experiences.... and that changed everything.

I was staggered by the overwhelming interest and positive feedback - and I suddenly realized just how much people's attitudes had changed in regard to personal development and meditation in the past 20 years.

In record time people eagerly snapped it up - and their feedback to the meditation totally exceeded my expectations.

The group's experience levels were interesting as some experienced these advanced levels of meditation for the very first time, while others had vast experience in meditation and had sampled all the the latest technological breakthroughs.

I even met a few people who'd had longer journeys than myself - and I must say it really surprised me to find there were other people out there like myself!

Over several months many people reported a vast range of unique benefits which were often vastly different to my own experience.

It showed to me that not only is each person different, but they also have their own unique set of benefits and experiences which are gained from deep meditation.

Deep meditation only provides what you personally need in your own life, which is why it is such a vastly personal experience.

One aspect that did not surprise me, however, was that every person found the program to be the deepest meditation they had experienced, without exception.

Here are just a few of the observations:


From a Long-Time Meditator...

"This meditation took me to places I have never been before, and it continues to get deeper and more satisfying each time I use it. Amazing". Max Bauer, BC, Canada

Relaxation from Work Stress, & Creative Business Ideas....

"Thanks for the great relaxation program! I have a pretty demanding job and I'd tried everything to find a way to relax......but this is the only thing that's ever worked for me.

I've even had a couple of great new ideas for work come from my relaxation sessions. Thank you so much".
B. Enfield, USA

A First Time Meditator's Discovery.....

"I love this! This has been a profound discovery".
Gordon Mayall, United Kingdom

New Health Breakthroughs.....

"I have been meditating for 15 years yet the health benefits I've had from this program have been nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you".
J. Upton, Melbourne, Australia

For Another, Depth of Relaxation.....

"I have never experienced meditation this deeply before. Thanks a million".
D. Burns, NY, USA

A 'Holosync' Advanced Meditator's Thoughts.....

"I started meditating over 10 years ago. 6 of those have been using Holosync and I'm currently on level 7. I felt like I needed a break, did a Google search and was led to your site. I emailed you a few questions got your quick reply so I thought I'd give it a go.

My first reaction was I couldn't believe how deep my meditation felt. It was so very relaxing and peaceful. My sleeps have been awesome. I slept so deeply the first few nights and have continued to do so.

I still do holosync and even with my busy working day, being a single person looking after two full-on dogs, I still find I make the time to do your deep meditation.

In fact I get up earlier (something holosync has never made me do) so I can do it before work.

Your follow ups to my many questions have been very prompt which is something that I consider very important especially for those just starting out on the meditation journey.

I highly recommend your meditation to anyone who wants to add further to their meditation experience, it truly is extremely relaxing for both those just starting and for those who have been on the journey for sometime".

A Harden - Western Australia

Anxiety Reduction, and Increased Spirituality.....

This is an account sent to us by Rose Kaval from Ohio, who gave us her impressions of the program over a 3 month period.

She tried many relaxation programs over the years, and wishes to encourage others like herself, who've spent a lot of time and money on ineffective products, to choose wisely.

Rose had this to say about the program - after her:
1st listening to the Deep Meditation Program

"I had my first listening and, as advertised, it is amazingly effective. I look forward to what future playings will reveal".

Rose's impressions after 3 weeks:

"After having used the Deep Meditation for several weeks now, faithfully, I sincerely want to thank you, once again.

I reach that deep level every single time I listen and it is making a difference in my anxiety level and in my spiritual life.

It is so hard to believe that something that sounds so simple could be this effective".

Rose's impressions after 2 months:

"Well, it has been several months now since I began faithfully using the meditation. Yes, I do achieve deep levels of relaxation every single time.

I look forward to it each and every day and when I don't have time the 20 minute version is great.

I must admit, though, I have only used that version about 3 times. I am much more willing to make the time for the 38 minute version than I ever have been for anything else.

That, of course, is because it works".
Rose Kaval, OH, USA

Over the past few years my role has changed as my primary job to support people on their own personal journeys of self discovery, which has been very personally satisfying.

Somehow it never seemed quite right to me that most meditation courses left people unsupported once they finished.

For this reason I offer lifetime support with the meditation program to ensure no-one experiences the lack of support I felt during all those years of experimentation. (This is why the availability of the meditation program closes from time to time).

Most of my readers have had their own long journeys before they found their way here, and many are highly educated in meditation - often having (like myself) spent mini-fortunes looking for the right transformational tool.

From what they have told me, many have had the same experience as I did, finding most simply did not live up to expectations.

For those embarking on this journey, buckle up and get ready for new possibilities, because deep meditation has no peers in the area of personal development, which is why it is no accident that meditation has been around since before the time of Buddha.

More and more scientific research is showing that those who meditate consistently receive excellent health and related benefits which are simply not easily achieved, any other way.

Meditate Regularly - In Any Way That Suits You Best

For those who do not meditate right now, I strongly urge you to begin, in any shape or form - and those who already are, to keep it up and maintain it throughout your life.

I am very happy to hear from any of you in regard to questions about meditation, or about your journey and how meditation has brought about some major benefits to you.

For those who wish to take their meditation or life experience to the next level and embark on the powerful Deep Meditation experience while it is still available, the cost of the program is $79.95 - transformational lifetime changes for around the cost of lunch for a week.

I also recently included an additional $80 worth of new, shorter versions of the existing Deep Meditation program, to the full Deep Meditation package - absolutely free.

Also, as it never seemed quite right to me that most meditation courses leave people unsupported once they finish, I provide free lifetime unconditional support with the program. This is to ensure no-one experiences the same lack of support I endured during my own years of experimentation.

Unfortunately, the support program means the meditation program's availability closes from time to time, depending upon how many people I can personally respond to and support at any one time - before it may re-open again later on (NB. today the program is currently still open).

So with the new updated 'inclusions', the program now includes all of the following:

INTRO to Deep Meditation
Essential information about the program, how to use it, what to avoid, and everything you need to know.

Mind Training For Deep Meditation (38 Mins) - Full Version


FREE - 22 Minute Quick Deep Meditation (valued at $25)
This is a medium length meditation perfect for times when you do not have time to do the full-length version, but still want to continue to powerful flow-on effects that regular Deep Meditation bring.

FREE - 14 Minute Quick Deep Meditation (valued at $25)
This is a short meditation for times when you are either extremely busy, or for use as an extra 'top-up' if you are going through a particularly stressful time.

FREE - LIFETIME Email Support
To ensure you have complete support at all times during your deep meditation journey, I personally provide lifetime email support to answer any questions you may ever have - both now, and in future.

12 Month Moneyback Guarantee
This is to ensure you have ample time to fully explore the true depth of the program and its benefits - otherwise you simply get every single penny back, no questions asked.

If you wish to start meditating with the Deep Meditation Program in 5 minutes, simply order the download with our secure server by clicking the button below - which can be used from your ipod, smartphone, mp3 player, CD player or computer.

Your order will be processed immediately and your download instructions will appear immediately on the screen.   You will receive an immediate receipt and acknowledgement of the transaction by email.  

For credit card or PayPal account, use the button below:

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Double CD Version - $89.95


I am very happy to hear from any of you in regard to questions about meditation, or about your journey and how meditation has brought about some major benefits to you. 

All the best of health, inner peace, success, and new possibilities!


Craig Townsend (Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis)
Director - It's Mind over Matter

"The Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited".

Craig Townsend, who created the Deep Meditation program

PS. Your download instructions will appear immediately on your screen, and you will receive an instant email receipt - then simply use the meditation and enjoy all the benefits!

And remember, you have an unconditional 12 month moneyback guarantee on the program, so if you are not happy for any reason whatsoever, simply return it for a full refund.